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Camel Milk: Trust The Hype?

   The days of a limited alternative dairy selection are gone. Not long ago the only options available were whole, fat and nonfat milk. Now, there's various options to choose from including coconut, cow, goat and almond and camel. Yes, I said camel milk. It has actually been around for thousands of years, unlike some other alternative options. Nomadic cultures, especially the Bedouins, discovered camel milk long before we even conceptualized consuming it. It’s been popular in the Middle East and North Africa for quite some time, and finally has begun to gain traction here in the United States.

   Major enthusiasts claim the health benefits place it above any other option on the dairy market. As far fetched as it may sound, history shows the aforementioned Nomads used camel milk medicinally. Extensive research is few and far between, but is the excitement justified? Let’s take a look.

The Nutritional Aspects

   To Start, camel milk is contains an iron-binding protein called lactoferrin that has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. While cow’s milk does contain lactoferrin, the volume is much lower ounce for ounce. Camel milk also has substantially fewer calories than cow’s milk. A standard glass of camel milk (8 ounces) is about 110 calories, while a glass of cow’s milk maintains 150 calories.

   Additionally, it has up to 5x higher vitamin C content than cow’s milk. The iron content in comparison to traditional cow’s milk is also astounding. On top of that, camel milk also has lesser volumes of lactose, therefore those struggle to tolerate cow’s milk, typically don’t struggle consuming camel milk. Get your hands on some camel milk and give it a try. Most people say it has a miniscule taste difference to cow’s milk, sometimes a little sweeter.

 Where Do You Find It?

   There are only a few camel milk companies in the United States and with the exception of one company, product costs will burn a hole in your wallet. The most reasonable and affordable brand by far is DromeDairy Naturals®, you will receive a the highest quality product at a true bargain. In fact, they are almost 50% cheaper than their competitors and offer free first class priority shipping on top of great discounts. They sell powder, which is even better than liquid because it has close to a 2 year shelf life and all the same nutritional aspects.

Trust me, camel milk is worth it, join us in spreading the word!