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Camel Milk: Raw vs Pasteurized

   When comparing raw camel milk versus pasteurized milk, interest lies within the difference in nutritional value. While the general conception is that raw milk maintains more vitamins and minerals, various sources will tell you otherwise. Newly discovered information points to multiple factors to prove the heating process doesn’t depreciate the nutritional value.

   The craze building around camel milk is due to the marvelous benefits it provides. Real promise has been shown in areas such as diabetes, autism, lactose intolerance and multiple food allergies, among many others. Therefore, the best way to maximize nutrition is at the forefront of conversation. After a quick sweep of the internet, you’ll likely fall victim to thinking pasteurized camel milk isn’t healthy. It seems most camel milk consumers think that raw milk is the only way to experience the highly sought after benefits. After searching for evidence to reinforce these opinions, I expectedly fell short. According to researchers heating the camel milk actually doesn’t eliminate all the wonderful benefits you’re trying to gain.

   In regards to food allergies, one Brazilian study shows pasteurization has no effect on specific positive gains. Researchers gathered twenty-five lactose intolerant recipients and administered them 250mL of camel milk, each. In result, twenty-three experienced absolutely no reaction. Not only is this a breakthrough for those who experience lactose intolerance, but also those who believe minimal heating diminishes positive value. The study conclusively discusses that the pasteurization process did not have an effect. This means that despite the milk being pasteurized it did not affect tolerance.  

   Believe it or not pasteurization can bring some benefits to your camel milk experience. Much like any other natural products, consuming camel milk raw can bring negative effects in addition to positive. Given it is completely untreated, raw milk not only contains healthy bacteria, but also bacteria that can make you sick. Although camel milk has a pristine track record worldwide, consuming it pasteurized gives you an extra level of prevention against bad bacteria.

   Overall, the comparison between raw and pasteurized camel milk can bring forth major difference in opinion. I try to shy away from opinion and more towards experience and research. From my perspective, pasteurized milk appears to be the better option.


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