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Camel Milk Beauty Tips

Camel Milk Beauty Tips


   Are your nails showing that they might benefit from camel milk?  Are your fingernails dry and brittle?  Are they beginning to peel?  It may be a mineral deficiency such as zinc or iron.  It could also be a sign of a more serious problem such as a thyroid disorder.  I suggest you try adding camel milk to your diet before rushing out for a score of tests.  Camel milk is high in iron, zinc and B vitamins needed for healthy nails.  Camel milk also supplies thyroxin which is good for the thyroid.  Try drinking a glass or two for 4-6 weeks to see if you have healthier nails.  You can even soak your nails in a small bowl of the milk a couple of times a week for faster results.


Does your skin look dry and wrinkled?  Winter weather can be harsh on skin.  For a revitalizing boost of antioxidants try one of my favorite skin treatments:

Facial Revitalizing Masque:

Combine in a bowl:

-1/2 cup camel kefir (plain)

-1/2 mashed ripe avocado

-2 tablespoons grapeseed oil or oil of your choice

   Combine ingredients and apply to face.  Rest and relax for 20 minutes. Wash face with warm water.  Skin should look and feel revitalized.  Try this several times a week during the winter months for softer skin.