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Can Camel Milk Affect Autism?

   Lately, there’s been big discussion in the health community surrounding camel milk. Although it isn’t difficult to find a handful of medicinal applications for the product, one of the most noteworthy includes autism. A quick sweep of the internet, and you are sure to discover stories claiming camel milk cured a child of a chronic illness or lessened the effects of a disease. Are these claims research backed and justified? I wanted to find out for myself. I pulled the curtain back on multiple studies regarding the autism and camel milk claims. The findings were certainly insightful.

   Mothers of autistic children have been painting the web with stories about camel milk , and how it has been positively affecting their kids erratic behaviour. One woman claimed her son was a completely different person, after drinking just four ounces of camel milk a day. Beforehand, the boy was continually irritable and couldn’t complete the simplest of tasks. After two years of research, the mother decided to give camel milk a chance in helping her son. Camel's milk was difficult to come by and expensive, but she was determined to find a source. Thorough searching, brought her an Amish farmer who could only provide small portions of milk. After allowing her son a glass, she was astonished to discover his signs of improvement. The boy was looking both ways before crossing the street, eating a more balanced diet, even treating his family members and friends with a better attitude. After three weeks of four to eight ounces of camel milk daily, his skin condition also improved. Though, when his mother failed to administer the camel milk, the boy’s behavior returned erratic. As far fetched as these claims sound, scientific research is showing promising confirmation.

   Extensive camel milk research can be hard to come by, especially further west. Indian and Middle Eastern doctors have had an opportunity to spend ample time discovering different properties, and the findings continue to bring major excitement. Evidence shows, those who believe in the marvelous benefits, actually aren’t outrageous. A Saudi Arabian study showed how camel milk positively affects the oxidative stress on those with Autism. This would attribute to the calm behaviors exhibited after consumption. Sixty autistic patients between the ages of two and twelve were gathered and administered 500mL of camel milk, daily, for two weeks. The results revealed that consistent consumption of camel milk directly correlated with the fall of oxidative stress numbers. These significant changes made it so that the autistic children potentially didn’t feel the same stress level, therefore exhibiting better behavior. Just this study  reveals promising news for the nutritional benefits.The ability to use camel milk to supplement the negative effects of autism is an astounding revelation.

   At this point I'm sure you’re asking where you can find camel milk. The benefits are incredible, the nutritional is unmatched and overall it’s the healthy dairy. Although only a few companies focus on camel milk, there’s one that can supply premium product at an affordable price. DromeDairy Naturals® will provide you with the highest quality all natural camel milk available, at a true bargain, worldwide. They are built on quality, so you know that every last drop of milk you receive has nothing added, nothing removed. Camel milk is truly a medical marvel, you must try it for yourself.


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