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The Indian craze for Camel milk

The intensity is a craze now! Camel milk has become the wonder of the world! On a global spectrum camel milk is known, identified and loved!

The real story began in one of the most arid states Rajasthan where the camels true story began!

 Now camel milk is SPAMMED across India! The Demand and supply have elevated and steeped mountains due to its nutritional health benefits and one’s overall wellbeing.

 In India, the evidence of the booming market of camel milk can be witnessed through the actions that were taken to escalate sales and increase reach of the beneficiary beverage. For example, fresh camel milk was just lasting four days however, now due to increasing demand, there has been a launch of longer shelf life of PET bottles which runs for approximately 180 days! Why? People appreciate having consumables that last a certain period without worrying about expiration. Complaints were risen due to the short shelf life being marketed.

 There was immense hope that when they launched the longer shelf life sales would magnify. Now in smaller states in India like Jalandhar are also demanding camel milk with longer shelf lives to accumulate the beneficial aspects of camel milk.

 Secondly, we understand the hype due to the vast types of production that has been implemented in the states of India! Brands have developed overnight to spread out the product. Camel milk comes in different forms now in India such as frozen camel milk, freeze-dried, camel milk powder, chocolates, and even skincare solutions!

 The product is suited for all! However, especially for those who are lactose intolerant and additionally provide all the vitamins, minerals, insulin’s and at the same time is low fat!

 From selling 1 liter of camel milk monthly now particular brand receive 5000 in a month and sell approximately 10 000 liters of camel milk. The projected aim is to increase the sale to 25000-3000 liters per month in the next year.

 India is just one of the majority countries that have emphasized and increased the reach of camel milk! Worldwide it’s a huge sensation that promises an even brighter future! One of the major worldwide premium brands is DromeDairy naturals that has been available on a platform that is globally accessible! DromeDairy NATURALS is one of the highly appreciated brands that provides nutritional wellbeing. DromeDairy naturals is derived from the top farms in the world “The Al Ain Farm” located in UAE. There is a promise and a commitment from the brand to deliver quality to all! Retaining all the nutritional properties DromeDairy doesn’t just last for 180 days but continues for a year! In the form of a powder that is easily usable as a beverage and can even be entailed for cooking purposes. Being a certified brand always adds to the trust factor for our consumers. We believe in delivering the best authentic camel milk powder out there. Be true to yourself always – Have the real deal!


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