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Revolutionary Impact Of Camel Milk

Revolutionary Impact Of Camel Milk

DromeDairy naturals has had a revolutionary impact over a significant period of time. DromeDairy camel milk is a probiotic that facilitates in the enhancement of overall digestive and gut health. Due to research, technology they have even been adopted into the pharmaceutical industry.

Despite charades on the misleading benefits of cow milk that have been filtered into our minds for centuries, consumers have been educated by the prodigious achievements and milestones of camel milk. Especially popular amongst the “beauty-centric” consumers the triumphs have been propagated as a positive image product in the market.

There have been two other milestones that have been achieved in the camel milk industry:

  • Camel farming: the growing demand lead to “old nomads” who moved to urban areas from their conventional hometowns (farms) requesting for camel milk in the city. Soon Camel milk became a necessity due to its high demand in the market.
  • Technology: a major advantage of camel milk that was recently discovered is that it can be preserved for a long period of time now. It can compete with cow milk products and be far more superior in terms of its benefits. This extension lead to other products being made such as flavored milk, baby milk powder , shampoo and yoghurt. This has changed the entire perception of camel milk now days! This extension has lead to voluminous amounts being sold especially in U.S and Europe.  Its primarily categorized in the premium range and has been sold by high end salons and even publicized in beauty magazines.

Due to the digital era we live in today, digital media has allowed x number of sources and references to understand the phenomenal benefits that DromeDairy camel milk powder delivers.

According to 2018 statistics this has become a $10-billion-dollar industry. This escalation has allowed countries on a global scale (Australia in particular) to increase the capacity from numbers like 100 to 3000 camels for a production of 10,000 liters daily.

Besides the prodigious benefits that DromeDairy camel milk provides it’s a holistic opportunity for all. Studies and research conducted have also claimed that this product can facilitate in demolishing malnutrition problematic issues in Africa.

Research finds that “The beginning of this dairy industry is a real opportunity for nomads. With climate change and pressure of economic globalization, valuing the milk of their animals has real economic potential. In Chad, for example, around N’djamena 20 years ago there were no camels. Only cows and sheep. During the dry season, the Bedouins were taking refuge around Lake Chad, but today with the political instability and Boko Haram as well as the drought, they can’t anymore. Camel herds help to secure a constant production and today 10,000 camels are enough to feed the city”.  Hence potential for this camel milk industry has taken a 180 degree turn to cater to growing consumer requirements. Availability isn’t scarce anymore.

A concern that many have had about switching from creamy tasty cows milk to DromeDairy camel milk is the TASTE. As an alternative to a healthier lifestyle the price and taste is a small price to pay. DromeDairy camel milk surprisingly is one of the closest alternatives to cows milk the difference lye in the sweetness which is more in camel milk. But who doesn’t like sweeter flavors right?

Generally, the existence of camel milk has survived hundreds of years however its popularity and recognition has articulated the welfare of human beings.  It is coherent to comprehend the vast escalation of consumer demands and extended brand products of Camel milk.  These creatures have profoundly reversed and cured problematic issues that society has faced including; diabetes, autism , victims of autoimmune diseases and even those with poor immunity. The history of such a revolutionary product has changed the perceptions and mindsets of individuals and we as a whole have transitioned into the best version of ourselves.

Make a choice of good health and well being today! Choose DromeDairy naturals and be part of a habitat that is a better lifestyle for you and your family!