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Research for Preventing the misery of Cancer!

The most anticipated study of the year ! Can camel milk cure cancer too NOW? Already known to be proactive in the field to cure sickness and immunity. Now research has expanded to finding out whether the miraculous form of milk hence camel milk can cure cancer too! Recent publication in Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture articulates the “First look” on the effect of camel milk and Colorectal cancer.

We know the effect of camel milk on Diabetes! Several studies have described the direct interrelation between camel milk and type 2 diabetes. How ? we have understood that camel milk reduces the inflammation associated with diabetes due to the nutritional content in camel milk.

If camel milk has its profound benefits to reduce autisms, enhance immunity, fight other forms of sicknesses what prevents camel milk from reducing some form of cancerous cells in our system? The real question will only arise once further research is conducted. However, due to studies only been conducted on mice , certainty level is still a gamble.

Research on mice was originally done by the Jordanian study , where they studied the relation between 30 mice and colorectal cancer. “Some of these were given camel’s milk whey, or the water-like liquid left behind after curd is removed; others were given whey from cow’s milk, while the control group received neither”.

After thorough examination on the mice. Results displayed “six out of 10 mice not given any whey were found to have tumors in their colon, while six out of eight of those fed cow milk whey had tumors. Among the mice that had been given camel milk whey, however, just one out of eight had tumors”

Results are dicey and more need to be conducted for a more through analysis , however it’s a start! A start to a complementary approach towards the cure. The reason of the mice that most of the mice abstained from cancer was because those genes that were given camel milk whey “which governed the production of proteins associated with inflammation, became less active”.  The approach which entails no side effects and a more natural approach.

But before rushing your decisions towards camel milk powder just for this preventive measure of cancer, more research needs to be conducted for more conclusive results. However, Camel milk needs to be appreciated for the other nutritional well being benefits to humans! Ongoing research will continuously be conducted to figure out the profound benefits of camel milk powder. For now, camel milk has not been confirmed as a cure for cancer. Caution must be taken though to ensure that your supply of camel milk powder is from a trusted and reputable farm. Having realized the current and future potential benefits of camel milk the  Abu Dhabi development fund through Al Ain farms for life stock has established one of the worlds state of the art camel farms and camel milk powder plant in the United Arab Emirates. DromeDairy naturals camel milk powder is processed and produced from the aforementioned camel farm. DromeDairy naturals camel milk powder is now available in Russia, Europe, USA Asia and Africa. The brand is trusted, certified , authentic and easily available. It has an extensive product life and all nutritional components are maintained. Hence , the reason for being the camel milk powder of choice for consumers across the world.


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