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Love For Camel Milk

Love For Camel Milk

A very loving couple Monika Szymańska have started the trend of camel milk by opening the first camel milk farm. Speculations have reached beyond par to reach such a stage. The couple import camels from Europe with the facilitation of breeders around the world. The couples love for dairy has made them open the country’s first ever camel farm – delivery the purest freshest camel milk for its consumers.

  The camel farm is located in the village of Sanie both husband Krzysztof and Monika want the news to spread about the importance and criticality of putting only wholesome and nutritious food in our system.

 The couple started with just eleven camels in the beginning and over time have reached a whopping 32 camels . The increment only depicts how the importance and knowledge has spread so rapidly. This is over a year and they forecast a huger growth over time.

The primary goal for the couple was to eliminate diabetes as much as possible in their village. Scientific studies show results of supports the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels with simultaneous insulin treatment. Poland was far from producing camel milk which is why the couple wanted to take action ASAP. Their own children were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which is the reason behind their reaction to provide camel milk for the people of Poland. Irrespective of disbelief from family and friends , the couple took the step after serious studies and facts understood of camel milk .

Besides the benefits of diabetic cure of camel milk other benefits also include for autism sufferers , high bp , better immunity and additionally being rich in the right minerals and vitamins. Simultaneously, low in fat and free from lactose!

 A quote by Szymańska said: “It is very pleasant in taste, delicate and odorless. It's not as fat as a cow, easily digestible. In addition to drinking raw milk, you can make buttermilk, kefir, cheese. They can also be used to make cocoa and grouts for children. For our own use, we also made soap from camel milk. This is because milk is very beneficial to the skin.”

Even though the farm is managed merely by the couple they provide proper care and attention for their camels. There’s proper sleep, routine and nourishment for all thirty two of their camels. Their mornings begin early around 6 am where their camels get their fresh air and hay. Food , drinks and basis of sun exposure is provided for proper care and attention.

 Farming is a tedious task to manage at the same time ensuring proper nutrient and natural camel milk to obtain the benefits is of utmost priority. Opening farms around the world may not be as easy as it sounds. Solution? Of course! DromeDairy naturals ; its organic , real and absolutely pure! Can be stored for a significant period of time and keep its quality through out! A one stop solution with perfect shipping for all of YOU! As you know the spread of the benefits of camel milk is crazy ! its so rapid that over this one year things have changed drastically and people around the world are trying to provide camel milk for all! The reason why DromeDairy exists today is because we want to be accessible for all ! Made for all ! We care about your health always. Your health is always our priority!