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Kim Kardashian Superfood for the Super You!

 While all the celebrities are dwelling over the highly popular dairy alternative almond milk we have BIGGER fans of camel milk to be more specific DromeDairy naturals. Heard of it? Of course you have. We are famous! High in demand even in the world of fame and glory!

 While some may still be comprehending the concept of camel milk , those in the western world such as renowned names like Kim Kardashian have added camel milk to the “culture radar”. On the highly popular social media platform Kim put a glass of camel milk on Instagram. Gaining immense popularity!

 Initial and continued popularity in North Africa and the Middle east as a source of nutrients and not now for CENTURIES! Even though there a slight higher salt content in Camel milk DromeDairy it’s a source of calcium and magnesium whilst being lower in fat by approximately 25 percent.

 Research conducted in the Australian region depicts that camel milk has five times more Vitamin C and ten times more iron as compared to regular cow milk. Whilst allowing those with dairy allergies to consume this beverage with no fear. Reason being the whey protein found in cow milk that disturbs the stomach is diminished from camel milk DromeDairy.

 The low fat and boost in nutrients is an added benefit to the fact that DromeDairy is great for ones gut health due to it containing lactoferrin and potassium. The use of Potassium is that its directly related to the functions of nerves ,muscles and heart!

 Now even celebrities are reliant on such Super foods. Whether its Kim K , or trips around the world this is the ultimate health trend that’s here to stay! DromeDairy will be the ultimate powder that you keep stocked! Predictions have shown that by 2021 it will be boosted even more. It can and has been used in our morning coffee , muffins , cakes cookies and a lot other products.

 DromeDairy is the new Trend that is here for long! Why? Its known to transform you and your families.




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