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Diabetic Cure for Raika Caste  - Discover the Secret !

The biggest fear that many have is the unsolicited diseases of Diabetes. It’s a disease that has been attempting to be cured for decades. Unfortunately, some are born with it, some face it in their teens and some develop it during the later stages of life. At every step of this pathway is a baggage of medication, restriction of foods and a lifestyle that is a reversal of your current lifestyle. Globally diabetes has reached from 08 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014! The rise is uncanny, unexplainable and a conclusion of poor lifestyle habits.

 One of the highest impacted countries is India and is highly recognizable for diabetes. The lack of awareness and knowledge has lead to the spread of it immensely. Research claims that a major reason for the cause and presence of Diabetes in India or even around the world is escalated stress and inactive lifestyles. ICMR a research company in Rajasthan has exhibited how camel milk has facilitated in the reduction of Raika caste to refrain from diabetes.

ICMR (Indian council of Medical research) conducted various studies including surveys for a period of three years between 2015-2019. This survey had details about sugar levels and diabetic conditions. The study was sampled with 24000 residents from various area in Rajasthan. These included Bikaner, Nagaur, Shriganganagar, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Barmer and Pali. This vigorous study didn’t refrain to a particular district and was spread with a large number of individuals which reiterates the accuracy and provides an in depth study for all to comprehend.

Due to the large number of participants as well results varies on dependent factors like “affinity towards sugar or sweets” and even the caste they belonged to. The two groups were categorized into Raika caste or the sugar free caste. Those part of sugar free caste showed low levels of sugar, others conveyed normal and even high. Whilst the differentiating factors was the consumption of camel milk.

The Raikas who consumed this beneficiary beverage Camel milk recorded “0.15% concentration of sugar” whereas the same from this cast who didn’t consume camel milk had a statistical number of “1.7%”. Not that this beverage only benefits this specific caste because the people from other castes that consumed camel milk recorded low sugars of approximately 1%. The other castes that were included in this study included Muslims, Baniyas and Jats.

 As evident camel milk has transformed the state of Rajasthan and will continue to do even more. DromeDairy has had a significant impact globally and is available on a wide spectrum. More research and studies have allowed more beneficiary requirements of DromeDairy and facilitated in curing multiple aspects of the human body. People are more aware of the higher vitamin A, C, iron, magnesium, lower fat and lactose free within DromeDairy to cater to consumer requirements.  Choosing DromeDairy is choosing Better Health!