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Camel Milk: The Allergy Free Choice

   Scientists have been swarming to camel milk to discover everything it has to offer. The results have been nothing short of astonishing. Researchers at a prominent University in Israel have taken part in the community, and through extensive study, were able to confirm the implications camel milk can have on food allergies and lactose intolerance. The study overview has brought major light to claims that have been made for centuries about the treasured product.

   At Ben-gurion University in Israel, camel milk has created wide excitement among researchers. In a controlled study, eight children, aged four to ten, were given camel milk routinely.  Previously, these kids experienced severe food allergies, including to cow’s milk. Within a twenty-four hour period of drinking camel milk, every child exhibited diminishing symptoms. Within just four days, all symptoms in the kids were completely gone. During the remaining study term, no reactions returned for any of the children. Upon conclusion one of the children, being  American, returned to the United States. She wasn’t able to access camel milk, after the the trial. Despite the lack of supply, no allergic symptoms ever returned. This study brings forth existing evidence that camel milk does maintain healing properties. Vast amounts of people struggle desperately with food allergies, often having to abstain from consuming dairy products all together.  To be able to finally consume a milk product, because of the lack of lactose volume and healing components will change the game for those who struggle.

   Aside from the healing properties, camel milk has extremely nutritious ingredients. With only 2% fat, it is great for those searching to improve digestive health. Additionally, camel milk is up to five times higher in vitamin-C, ounce for ounce, than cow’s milk. Also, it’s completely homogenized and has absolutely no beta-lactoglobulin, which can cause allergic reactions in other dairy product. However, camel milk does have immunoglobulins, also found in mother’s milk, which helps digestion in children and strengthens the body’s future response to food. Camel milk has long been given to kids, primarily in Middle Eastern countries, to improve immune system health. Antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal components are also found through the presence of multiple protective proteins. All of these components make for a wildly healthy beverage that has the capacity to make a positive impact on consumers around the world.  

  As the research describes, camel milk has proved to be an effective alternative and healing supplement for food allergies and lactose intolerance. In regards to the study, for all eight camel milk recipients to have diminished allergic reactions to food products and lactose within a two week period is astonishing. Due to all of the outstanding benefits, healing properties and small camel population, the milk can be difficult to find and often carries and expensive price. This is why I buy my camel milk with DromeDairy Naturals®. They provide unbeatable customer service and have the best prices of any other supplier on the international market. Believe me when I say, you must try this camel milk. With all the nutritional upside, the benefits substantially outweighs the cost.


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