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Camel Milk for Athletes

Camel Milk for Athletes

   Athletes are encouraged to drink camel milk in countries such as Kenya.  It is considered a super food.  How does it affect an athlete’s performance?  Milk is perfect for rehydration.  The proteins and amino acids in the milk and the rate of digestion gives camel milk a unique role as a performance enhancing nutritional drink for athletes.  One university study concluded that milk was much more effective than other sports drinks after exercise.  Some studies show that adding chocolate to the milk further increases endurance and shortens recovery time in such sports as cycling and running.  Camel milk with its high levels of lactoferrin supports weight loss efforts while maintaining lean muscle mass.  Therefore, athletes who consume camel milk after training sessions are able to protect their lean muscle mass, shorten their recovery time and increase their endurance.  Camel milk has higher levels of lactoferrin than either goat or cow milk, thereby making it the best choice as a sports drink.  So after that next race have a delicious glass of chocolate camel’s milk!