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Camel milk filters into the chocolate industry!

Chocolate lovers understand the importance of taste and textures and can predominately not bow down with their taste buds! Chocolate lovers are a major existence in today's generation.

The roast of cacao beans, hazelnut and much more swirled into abundant amounts of thick layers of chocolate. The scent, the thickness and the taste of a combination of these explicit ingredients is the recipe of “Heavenly taste”. Our palettes that are accustomed to eccentric yet scrumptious taste!

A successful experiment conducted by Martin Van Almsick who brings his hometown recipe fiestas to Dubai. The man who stands with pride behind Al Nassma, the worlds first camel milk chocolate factory.

A success in Dubai, consisting of around 50 employees that construct 600 kg of chocolate a day. Whilst dominating UAE with camel milk chocolate they have ensured their global presence by delivering products to Morocco and even Malaysia.

A key ingredient of Camel milk that Almsick promises to exceed expectations of consumers. The story began when Almsick and his wife understood the health benefits of camel milk and the profound effects on overall health and one’s well being. A TV show witnessed by Almsick and his wife changed his perceptions over night. Hence incorporating the change to chocolate specifically for Choco-lovers! They saw true potential to bring about change with their new insights.

With hundreds of trial and errors to develop perfection; the couple worked with a famous chocolatier Johann Georg Hochleitner to create perfection to its highest tier.

In 2007, the factory started as the couple and family moved from their home town of Cologne and Vienna to set up and train. With background and knowledge of chocolate the couple even worked in a chocolate museum in Cologne. Finding their passion in their profession the couple ventured and branched out. Being chocolate enthusiasts themselves they implemented tweaks into chocolate i.e. Camel milk for healthier versions.

Adam Rozmaryniewicz (Chef at Zabeel Palce) quotes “ Mr. Almsick never rests on what he’s done, He’s always going at 100 miles an hour with ideas and concepts. He trusts a lot, he trains a lot, he empowers a lot and I respect him incredibly as a professional in his field”.

Due to passion and zeal Mr. Almsick is the proud owner of Al Nassma, the camel milk chocolate factory. As stated above with a lot of research, hard work and determination has camel milk reached its peak in Dubai and is predominately reaching a global scale.

DromeDairy Camel milk has already received utmost publicity at a global reach and can rule not only the milk spectrum but the chocolate spectrum to add health benefits with elements of taste in place! Now that the public is more aware of the profound benefits that can be attained from DromeDairy. Companies around the world have started implementing  this ingredient into various products. Consumers can avail the correct nourishment from a variety of products rather than just the one. Since success has rained wonders through Al Nassma camel milk chocolate factory this can and has be added around the world! DromeDairy Camel milk is a component of added health value. The choice of better immunity, a cure to diseases , strength , proteins is in your hands! A choice of DromeDairy naturals is a choice to the right lifestyle!