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Camel Milk: The Health Benefits Provided

   The latest discussion among the health community lies within the effectiveness of camel milk treating both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, among other benefits. Many companies are standing behind early research that shows real promise. Camel milk has appeared to be an effective remedy for diabetes symptoms as it contains high levels of insulin. This can help reduce the reliance on frequent injections, which are required for stability. The crux is that the camel milk must be used routinely in order to achieve considerable results. If this isn’t done, a major risk can be inadvertently created, making glucose levels in the blood unsafely fluctuate.

   Camel milk has been used for thousands of years, especially in the Middle East. Bedouin Tribes treasured the milk, calling it a medical marvel for its unlikely benefits. Studies from various countries have come to prove the early claims true, and worldwide approval is quickly gaining traction. While the awareness has been well perceived, the production volume in the industry as a whole, is substantially smaller than other dairies. To put the supply size into perspective, one cow can product more than fifty pints of raw milk per day, while a single camel can only attain thirteen. This is yet another reason camel milk is closely treasured by those who come in contact with it. Although the diabetes implications camel milk provides are astounding, there are a handful of other perks this superfood can provide.

   The chatter among the autism community has also shown to be justified. Multiple researchers have discovered camel milk can make a serious impact on stress related receptors in those with autism. The effects resulted in a reduction in occasional irrational, erratic action and substantially improved cognitive behavior. As previously stated, these studies found effective results with routine camel milk usage at a controlled volume. Clearly, there’s no guarantee as to the effect each specific consumer will experience when drinking the milk, but the research speaks for itself. In addition to autism and diabetes, other components show exciting nutritional elements. There is up to five times the amount of vitamin - C and less fat in camel milk compared to cow. Also, if you or someone you know is lactose intolerant or has allergic reaction to traditional milk, camel milk is a must try. This is due to the lack of lactose volume, which has shown it is safe to consume for those who experience dairy allergies. In fact, consumers and scientists alike have not found any negative reactions related to drinking camel milk.  

   As I’m sure you can see, there is some real promise when it comes to camel milk. Most people haven’t heard a much about it, because it has started as a niche product. The exciting thing is that anyone can find a helpful use for it. Emerging research will only improve credibility behind the talk, and encourage a larger following. Imagine the lives that camel milk can and will change with all the medical applications. Overall the key to trying, is finding the right company to buy from. I alway suggest DromeDairy Naturals®. They have the highest quality supply, at a great price and they sell wholesale. When you order from them, you’ll never go anywhere else. If you can benefit from the healing properties or just want to add a healthy component to your diet, try camel milk. It will be worth it.



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