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Camel milk drinkers are healthier than you!

Absolutely right! You read it correctly. DromeDairy camel milk is known to have profound benefits for your overall well being. Its taken decades for us to comprehend but we are finally here. The transition from cow milk has been difficult but we promise you superior benefits. Let’s dig in to the details of this revolutionary product!

The demand has significantly increased in Gulf countries, Europe, United States and Asian regions. Why though? For centuries we’ve grown up having cow milk, we are taught that milk is good for health? Studies have continuously proved that DromeDairy camel milk is much more digestible than cows milk, has a vast number of vitamins and minerals, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-allergenic virtues. This is moreover beneficial for those who are lactose intolerant or those who suffer from diabetes.

So what exactly does DromeDairy camel milk entail? Let’s go over the properties to get a better understanding of the product.

  • Protein: DromeDairy’s camel milks highlight is that it refrains from containing A1 casein and lactoglobulin a common component in cow’s milk which people are allergic to. Additionally, even though this component may have similar proteins and carbs as cows milk our body’s blood sugar is impacted in a completely different manner.
  • Fat content: DromeDairy camel milk contains fat that is approximately between 2-3%. Also the fat entailed in camel milk are homogenized and are include omega-3 fatty acids. Instead of supplements which people take separately DromeDairy camel milk drinkers gain their omega 3 from consuming this product. DromeDairy camel milk keeps its texture even if its frozen and avoids being curdled or clotted like cows milk.
  • Potent Immunoglobulins: these are “powerful immune boosting substances”. In comparison to human immunoglobulins, camels have tiny ones that allows it to reach the tissues in the body. Due to this component it has a significant relationship with the reduction of autoimmune diseases, allergies and even autism.
  • Insulin: Reduces the level of glycosylated in the blood. This is a form of “hemoglobin to which glucose is attached” – people with diabetes have a high amount. Hence DromeDairy camel milk can help to reduce the dosage of insulin that diabetic patients require. Through further research in 2005 , the outcome of camel dairy on type 1 diabetes claims that regular consumption reduced the amount of insulin required and helped in controlling blood sugar in the long run.
  • Protective proteins: Curbs Antiviral, fungal and bacterial.
  • Higher iron and vitamin c minerals in the product.
  • Similarity to human breast milk: under unfortunate circumstances when new mothers are unable to nurse or provide babies with extra milk DromeDairy camel milk becomes the sole solution due to its similarity to human breast milk.
  • Heart and blood health: Contains A2 beta casein which is related the effects responsible for the heart and immune protection. The reason of A2 having a more positive impact as compared to A1 (present in cows milk) is due BCM-7 and which causes a negative effect on the immune systems; inflammation in the gut and arterial plague formation. Further it adds to the development of type 1 diabetes.

 Lets be even more specific about details now. One of the emerging and leading brands in this industry is DromeDairy camel milk powder. This brand has changed perceptions and given quality a new meaning.  It’s a U.S based product that is available for all global consumers. Now consumers around the world have the opportunity to purchase camel milk powder online.  Available in different sizes ranging from 250 grams , 400 grams and even 25kg. This brand provides prospects to even having camel milk for sale at random occasions. You wont be let down or disappointed. In fact your choosing quality and health above all! The many in depth research and perceptions have shaped a holistic and appropriate solution for all! Those in need , those who suffer from unfortunate diseases and allergies and for those who are generally concerned for overall well being and health! Choose DromeDairy , Choose good health !


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